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Bus Contacts

The transportation department is located at 1350 Wymoing Dr. S.E., Palm Bay, FL 32901

Transportation Fleet Coordinator:

Rosie Greer • (321) 345-4117 ext. 1123

Transportation Coordinator:

Rob Seneschal • (321) 345-4117 ext. 1123

Registering for Transportation:

Registering your student for school bus transportation will now be handled online for easy access, and we will be able to provide you with updates on your student’s application also with information on their assigned bus and route. We will also be able to send you important information with transportation changes and updates that might affect your student throughout the school year.

Registration is required for ALL (new and returning) school bus riders to ensure that your student is routed and assigned to the closest bus stop available. Bus transportation is available for students whose residence is located over two miles from the school they attend.

Please register on our transportation website as a parent/guardian, using this link: https://www.ezrouting.com/odysseyfl

You will need the following information to register:
(This information will only be used for transportation routing and communication purposes, so accuracy is important.)

1. Your student’s name.
2. Student District ID for Brevard. (The same ID used in BPS Focus)
3. Your student’s current physical address.
4. Current Parent/Guardian home and/or cell phone numbers.
5. Current Parent/Guardian email address.

School Bus Behavioral Expectations:

Our mission is to maintain a safe environment for all students while on the bus going to and from school.

Listed below are the rules of the school buses.

1. Students will treat bus drivers with respect and may not distract a bus driver at any time.
2. Students may only bring items on the bus that can fit on their lap. Also ensure they do not bring anything that could be harmful to the bus or students. (Sports items such as balls/bats are to be kept in bags).
3. Students MUST only get on and get off the school bus at their assigned bus stop. In the event of an emergency, the principal may approve an exemption to the student’s designated bus stop on a temporary basis.
4. Students must stay in their assigned seats with seatbelts fastened. Students MUST remain seated at all times while bus is in motion.
5. Students are not to use cell phones or electronic devices at any time while being transported on the school bus.
6. Throwing objects out of the window of the school bus is a felony. Students throwing objects out of the window of the school bus will be suspended from the bus for a minimum of five (5) days or possibly recommended for expulsion from the bus ridership. Should injury or damage occur, criminal charges may be filed.
7. The bus driver is in full charge of the bus and the students riding the bus. For the safety of all, students MUST obey the bus driver. Failure to do so may result in suspension from the bus and possibly from school.
8. The driver has the right to assign seats to maintain order on the bus. It is the student’s responsibility to sit in their assigned seat, at all times, as directed by the bus driver.
9. Parents are responsible for making prior arrangements with their students if they will not be riding the bus in the afternoon.
10. Violation of school transportation policies, rules or standards of conduct, including disruptive behavior on a school bus or at a school bus stop (within 200ft), by a student is grounds for suspension from riding the school bus. Such violations may also be grounds for out-of-school suspensions or other disciplinary action, which may result in criminal charges being filed.

School Bus Referalls:

Whenever a student misbehaves on the bus, disciplinary action will be taken which may include:

• A warning
• Counseling
• Call home to parents
• In-school suspension or out-of-school suspension
• Suspension off the bus
• Expulsion from the bus

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

1. Parents/Guardians are responsible for the safe travel of their students during the portion of each trip to and from school when the students are not under the custody and control of Odyssey, including during each trip to and from home and the assigned bus stop.
2. Parents/Guardians will ensure their students follow Odyssey’s adopted code of conduct on the bus, at the school bus stops, and will provide the necessary supervision.
3. Before riding a bus other than the assigned bus, students are to have a written note from their parent or guardian stating their destination and should obtain a bus pass from the office. Students are to identify themselves to the driver and carry the signed pass with them.
4. Parents/Guardians will provide necessary assistance to their disabled student if such assistance is required for the students to board or depart the school bus.
5. If a child writes, cuts or vandalizes the bus; the case will be investigated and a penalty beginning at $40 will be sent out to parents/guardians.


Student Complaint Reporting Form (English)
Student Complaint Reporting Form (Spanish)
Parent Teacher Bus Driver Other Staff Incident Reporting Form (English)
Parent Teacher Bus Driver Other Staff Incident Reporting Form (Spanish)