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Admissions Policies and Procedures

Controlled open enrollment pursuant to Florida Statute 1002.31(2)(b), capacity on the Elementary campus in K-5th grade is 704 students, and on the Jr./Sr. High campus is 836 students.


Odyssey Charter School is open to all Kindergarten through 12th grade students in Brevard County. Odyssey accepts students on a first come, first served basis, unless the number of applications exceeds the number of seats available in any class. Student applications for the upcoming school year are accepted beginning January 1st, and allows students from any school district in the state, providing the student is not subject to a current expulsion or suspension order, to seek enrollment if the school has not reached capacity. A student from another district seeking enrollment under the controlled open enrollment process may not displace students enrolled at the school who reside in the school district. Therefore, if the number of in-county applications exceeds the number of seats available for any grade level at the school, applications for students from outside the county will be placed on a waiting list for that grade level, and will be enrolled after all in-county applicants have been offered any open seat. A student from outside the county whose application is accepted may remain at the school until the student completes the highest-grade level offered by the school. After priority admission, if the number of applicants remaining is less than the number of seats available for any individual class, all applicants are admitted. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of seats available, the remaining applicants are placed in a lottery for each class, and students are admitted as they are drawn from the lottery until each class is filled. The remaining applicants that were not admitted through the lottery process are placed on a waiting list in the order drawn from the lottery. Students who apply after the deadline will be placed on the waiting list after the lottery applicants on a first come, first served basis. Parents are notified in writing during the month of March of their acceptance and must attend a school orientation.

Parents who have been accepted must register their child(ren) during registration week in the summer.

Application Process
  • Applications may be obtained at the office or by clicking the green button above.
  • Applications may be submitted to the front office at Odyssey. Upon submission, all applications will be screened for completeness.
  • If a parent is submitting an application for more than one child, an application must be completed for each child.
  • Applications are accepted between January 1st and the deadline of February 15th to be placed in the lottery.
  • Applications for admission postmarked or received after February 15th will be assigned a number and added to the waiting list for the appropriate grade level.
  • Students not selected for admission may reapply starting in January for the following school year.
  • If any information on the application is false or not openly disclosed, it may be grounds for immediate withdrawal.
  • Kindergarten parents must provide proof of child’s age during application process. The child must be 5 years of age by September 1 of the school year applying to attend Kindergarten.
Parent Contact Information

If parent/guardian contact information changes on the application, please notify us immediately. If the parent/guardian cannot be reached, the student application will be withdrawn from the waiting list.

Enrollment Preference

Florida Statute provides that the School may give enrollment preference to certain student populations. Students will be offered admission without going through the lottery process provided their applications are received by February 15th and space is available for the appropriate grade level. If there is no space available, students receiving enrollment preference will receive priority placement on the waitlist. Students who may receive enrollment preference include students who:

  • are siblings of a student enrolled in the school;
  • are children of a member of the Governing Board;
  • are children of an employee of the school;
  • have successfully completed a VPK Program provided by the school or the school’s Governing Board during the previous year;
  • are the children of an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces.
Lottery Process

A lottery will be held on February 15th to fill those vacancies that remain after enrollment preference is given. Parents will be notified in writing of their child’s acceptance no later than 21 days after the acceptance period deadline and have 15 days to notify the school in writing of their decision to attend.

Waiting List

A waiting list will be maintained for each grade level if applications exceed available space. Parents will be notified in writing if their student has been placed on the waiting list. All vacancies for the current school year will be filled from the waiting list. The waiting list does not carry forward to the next school year.

School Orientation and Registration

Each accepted student and their parent/guardian are required to attend a School Orientation in the Spring. Parents/guardians must attend registration in the Summer. Parents must provide a copy of the child's birth certificate, immunization records, physical exam and proof of promotion at the time of registration.

Student Fees

Please contact the front office for information on student fees. Student fees are payable by check or money order only.

Immunization Requirements

Students must have the mandatory immunizations required by the State before entering school. Florida Statute 1003.22 does not allow Kindergarten or seventh grade students to attend school with incomplete immunization documentation. Please do not request the school to provide an extension, as this is not legally permitted. If you do not have a physician, the nearest Brevard Department of Health clinic is located at 2275 South Babcock Street in Melbourne.