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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get credit for volunteer hours worked and for the Read Aloud program?

Volunteer hours will be manually credited by the Volunteer Coordinator for time recorded on Volunteer sign-in logs at the front office. Time noted on submitted Read Aloud forms will also be credited. If a parent is working on take-home projects, the teacher must approve hours worked. The teacher will forward to the Volunteer Coordinator to be recorded for credit. Information on the Read Aloud Program can be found by clicking HERE.

How do I get credit for future volunteer hours when I work in the classroom, the front office, special projects, fundraising, or outside?

Volunteers can apply to be a volunteer online by clicking HERE. Once enrolled, volunteers will sign-in each time they report to the school for volunteer work. The system will print a badge that must be worn at all times while on campus. Upon leaving campus, volunteers must sign-out and the volunteer hours will automatically be credited. Volunteer work cannot begin until background clearance is completed (approximately 4-5 weeks).

When are Parent Teacher Organization meetings?

Visit Odyssey’s Calendar page HERE.

How can I find out when to Volunteer at the School?

Information is posted on the website, sent home with students in their backpacks once or twice a month as newsletters and notices, and announcements are made at monthly PasP Meetings. Volunteering in the classroom can be pre-arranged directly with teachers.

What if I work full-time and cannot volunteer at the school during normal school hours?

Parents can accrue volunteer hours by participating in the Read Aloud Program and can earn up to 4 hours per month. Parents may also do take-home projects for their child’s teacher (making sure the teacher records and approves the volunteer time), attend night PasP meetings, and work on our Saturday Grounds-Keeping Work Days.

Did you know?

Odyssey families can receive one volunteer hour for every $20 donation. A $20 purchase for an event or on items sent to the child’s classroom after the first of the year. To receive volunteer hour credit, receipts must be turned in to the Volunteer Coordinator. *This does not include the original classroom supplies at the beginning of the school year.