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Continuity of Education Plan

Welcome to the Odyssey Charter School, Inc., Education Plan web page. On the left, you will find links to technical support for staff, students, and families. The links on this page highlight the plans for remote learning beginning on Monday, March 30, for elementary students and secondary students. You will also find resources for families to obtain broadband internet at their home at low or no cost.  Contact information is provided making teachers and other professionals available to you and your student as the need arises. There are also some helpful links regarding updates to the latest news on the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Finally, we have provided a curated list of online resources to provide enrichment opportunities, reinforce prior learning, and provide a springboard for other independent learning activities that support the academic and emotional wellbeing of our students. These resources are for parents/guardians who might be looking for other activities to engage elementary, middle, and high school students while at home.
Internet at Home
Technology Support
Elementary Remote Learning
Jr/Sr High Remote Learning


Elementary Students
Middle School Students
High School Students


Elementary Campus: 1755 Eldron Blvd. SE • Palm Bay, FL 32909 • Phone: 321-733-0442 • Fax: 321-733-1178
Jr./Sr. High Campus: 1350 Wyoming Dr. SE • Palm Bay, FL 32909 • Phone: 321-345-4117 • Fax: 321-372-7261

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