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Green Apple School Management
1900 Building
1900 S Harbor City Blvd, Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 676-8737


Green Apple School Management's mission is to create and operate "green" and healthy Charter Schools with an optimal learning environment, and to provide charter schools with the financial, operational, and educational knowledge and services they need to accelerate student achievement by working in partnership with the school, families, and community to help each child reach full potential in all areas of life.

About Us:

Green Apple School Management, LLC was founded on the standard to create and operate "green" and healthy Charter Schools with an optimal learning environment. Green Apple is committed to the academic excellence and the education of the whole child with the understanding that each person must achieve a balance of intellectual, emotional, physical, moral and social skills as a foundation for life.

Some of Green Apple School Management's services include assistance with establishing charter applications and charter school start up grants, governing board relations, facilities acquisition and/or design, curriculum development, staffing recommendations and human resource coordination, as well as marketing, bookkeeping, budget development, financial forecasting, and financial reporting that is provided to the Governing Board for its oversight and approval.

Green Apple Team:

Constance Ortiz
Chief Executive Officer

Greg Stickel
Director of Operations

Raquel Espinosa
Chief Academic Officer

Monica Knight
Director of Special Projects

Laura Lane
Director of Curriculum and Assessment

Charlotte Chase
Director of Student Services and Primary Education

Laurie Young
Director of Elementary and Secondary Literacy

Sara Buckley
Environmental Education and Wellness Coordinator

Cindy Gilmore
Compliance Manager, HR and Benefits,
Governing Board Relations, Enrollment, Marketing, Insurance

Beth Crist
Finance Manager
Budgeting, Financial Reporting, Accounts Payable

Mark Grant
Facilities and Project Manager

Carol Grant
Facilities, Grants, Technology

Ana Olivo

Jessica Riaz
Accounts Payable


Elementary Campus: 1755 Eldron Blvd. SE • Palm Bay, FL 32909 • Phone: 321-733-0442 • Fax: 321-733-1178
Jr./Sr. High Campus: 1350 Wyoming Dr. SE • Palm Bay, FL 32909 • Phone: 321-345-4117 • Fax: 321-372-7261

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